Sportsbooks and sportsbetting explained

Online sportsbetting evolved naturally as an extension of the two friends having a friendly wager on the upcoming football match, basketball game or some other sporting event. Today it is a highly visible business and with that comes more than a few people who think they can make some easy money. the philospohy here at is that we only include reviews of online sportsbooks that we consider to be the best sportsbooks. Many of them cater for certain markets, be it the European sports, US games or maybe what is popular in Asia.

No need to scan through hundreds of sportsbook reviews as here there are only a few handpicked ones, each included for their special features. No a sports fan but still like betting on political events? Well have a look at the Intertops review. English Premier league soccer more your thing? Check out the Bet365 sportsbook review. Get the idea now?

It may seem like overkill, however, you should really consider having more than one online sportsbook account. Why you ask? Well, one of the best ways to help reduce the break even percentage is to shop around for better lines, lower vig and more bonuses. You need to be in a position to place the bet once you have found the best terms so you need to have money in your account. You can't wait the day or two it takes to deposit the funds. Therefore, keep funds in, say, two or three different sportsbooks and you will be able to take advantage of most of the best lines, vig and bonuses.

Best Sportsbook

Bet365 is one of the more established online sportsbooks located in the United Kingdom. They started as a traditional bricks and mortar bookie and have since advanced to be the 7th largest private company in the UK. They offer the full range of products with the sportsbook being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the casino, games and online poker room licensed and regulated by the government of Gibraltar.

Best Sportsbook for US sportsbettors

Intertops was one of the first online sportsbooks and their story has been consistent throughout the years. Solid is the best way to describe it. They don't hit the headlines with outrageous lines, promotions and other antics that bring down so many sportsbooks. Their target is different to some of the others here in that they are looking for bettors that know a bit about what they are doing. That doesn't mean they don't work well for first time bettors, rather, they know what it takes to keep the experiences ones coming back for more. This means everyone benefits.

If you are looking for a sportsbook that offers more than just North American options then Intertops warrants a review. Their European heritage is evident. Like most online sportsbooks, they also have an online casino operation and not just shabby one just tacked on but a fully-fledged Microgaming setup. And to top things off, they are one of the few, if not the only one that accepts players for all over the US for their sportsbook. Unfortunately because they use the Microgaming platform for their non-sportsbook side they can't accept US players for the casino.

Best sportsbook for European sport bettors

Bet365 is a perfect choice if you are looking for a sportsbook for European sportsbetting. They are part of the Bet365 Group that has held a license since 1974. You also have the peace of mind of dealing with an organisation that has many land based betting shops rather than a place in a faraway country that you know little about.

Lines are pretty standard, normal vig and more than a few bonuses that can help cover the not so good bets you have made. They will work out well if you are a recreational to medium type bettor, however, if you are trying to make a living at it then you might find you are asked to move on to somewhere else. Not a bad thing, just something to be aware of early on. Their site and support is also aimed toward this market so no need to be afraid about asking dumb questions with the support people.

Like other European online gambling places, there are plenty of deposit and withdrawal options. You are bound to see a method you can start using straight away. Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), Neteller, Ukcash, credit cards, Asia365 and many others.

Bet365 is well worth checking out if you are looking for an online sportsbook (oh yes, they also have casino, poker room and other games) that caters to the non-US market very well.